Mechanicsburg IL (near Springfield) 
 Phone: 217-414-6959 (text is acceptable)
Going away for the day, weekend or even longer?
 Bring your dog, pig, goat, horse, sheep
 to the country for a fun, safe, comfortable vacation.
-Family owned and operated full service pet   (not just dogs) boarding facility 
-Small kennel facility located
  on our 18 acre farm
 -Kennel is only 50 feet from our home
   offering round the clock care and added security
-Have over 30 years of experience
   with animals
- Accomplished dog trainer 

-We offer private, spacious climate-controlled kennels
-Each Kennel has a doggy door so dogs have access to secure outdoor area 24/7 (weather permitting)
-Huge outdoor grassy exercise area
-Individualized human-animal playtime throughout the day
-Every suite furnished with a raised, cushioned bed
- Dogs from same household may share a suite
- No extra charge to administer medication
-Your pet is treated like our own family pet to keep them happy and healthy until you return
-We offer Lodge and Learn Enrichment Programs
-Updates about your pets stay including texts, pictures 
  and videos 
-We also offer Livestock Boarding 

our Pig !!! 
-Committed to providing a safe, fun, low stress environment for your pet(s) 
-No Group Play with client dogs
-Dogs are always on safe non-slip surfaces 
-Dogs are physically and mentally exercised in a well-controlled environment throughout our 18 acre farm
Fees are based on a 24 hour period.
For example, if you drop off on Friday at 9AM and pick up on or before 9AM the next day, you will be charged the normal daily fee. I will allow a grace period of 2 additional hours for pickup without an additional night charge.  

If you pick up after that 26 hour period, you will be charged an additional daily fee. 

Fees per 24 hour period are in shared kennel:
1 dog $30
2 dogs $50
3 dogs $65
4 dogs $80

If you bring a female in season or comes into season while boarding here, an additional cleaning fee will be charged at $5 per day. 
Drop Off Times by Appointment Only 
Monday-Friday and Sunday.

  No Drop Offs from 11-3PM   
 No Drop Offs on Saturday.  

Please schedule your pick up time when you drop off your dog(s). 

Pick Up Times by Appointment Only
No Pick Ups from 11-3PM 
Please be ON TIME !  A $10 late fee will be charged if over 15 minute late.  
Please schedule appointments at a SPECIFIC TIME for drop offs and pick ups. Please be on time. A $10 late fee will be charged if over 15 minutes late. Please realize I am working hard to take care of all the animals on my property so need you to be on time.